2021: More people are discussing students identifying as cats in schools

***Originally published Nov. 2, 2021***
There continue to be tales of students identifying as cats with, well, tails and all. The Iowa Standard has heard from a handful of parents across the state concerned about students identifying as “furries” at various schools throughout the state. 
We have also talked with students from multiple districts who confirm this is actually a real thing. And here is a person telling a story about the situation:
“We were at a tailgate and one of our friends that teaches said that they’re having a problem at our school because there are students that are identifying as cats,” she said. “And not only are they wearing ears, whiskers and meowing in class, they are demanding that there be litter boxes placed in the bathrooms. They’re demanding it so much that the parents are threatening to sue the school if they do not place litter boxes in the bathrooms. 
“This isn’t Seattle, LA or Portland — this is Iowa folks. You know when this (stuff) stops? Is when we say, ‘nope, stop.’”
If you’re curious, we’ve written about this before. 
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