Spread Awareness: Rivalry Week 1

Spread Awareness: Rivalry Week

Rivalry week has arrived and it’s a bittersweet time for all college football fans. One regular-season game left. Whoa. Time sure flies when you are winning bets every week, am I right, or am I right?

We had another week of #WINNING last week, going 10-6, which is great. Want to know something? Are we in the trust tree? OK, good. After Jack Campbell’s pick-six to put Iowa up by 17, I thought our stupid bet of Illinois +12.5 was dead. I also thought the game was very much over, so I went to the store with my wife. It wasn’t until 9:30 at night that I figured out Illinois scored late to cover. THAT, my friends, was a wonderful (and kind of worrisome) gift. We are now 96-79-2 on the year. We are also 75-54 ATS. That is nearly a 60% hit rate. You’re welcome.

Most gambling newsletters with a record like this would take it easy during the last week of the season to preserve their record. Not us. We go full throttle, all the time. That is why we are giving out 16 winners this week. Never let up. Never let down.


#17 Iowa -1.5 @ Nebraska (FRIDAY, 12:30 PM CST, BTN)

Here we go! Iowa vs Nebraska in the Heroes Game on BTN! This is slowly turning into a more heated “rivalry” as much as Nebraska fans hate to say it. We had the whole “evaluate where Iowa is as a program” comment, CLAP GATE, Keith Duncan blowing kisses, and more. What does this week have in store for us? Probably the seventh win in a row, and probably Scott Frost complaining about something stupid after the game.

Iowa comes into the final week of the season with a chance to win the division still…somehow. They continue to try and lose games but they just cannot do it. Last week the offense managed to score one (1) touchdown against Illinois but the team still managed to put up 33 points. Thank the lord for the defense and for giving us the insane person that is Charlie Jones. That man will return anything that is kicked his way. Padilla struggled, to say the least: 6/17 for 83 yards…That is very similar to the stat lines I regularly put up during my JV football career. That probably isn’t going to work this weekend. It might, because again, Nebraska is bad, but probably not.

Now, Nebraska…Some may tell you that they are the greatest 3-8 team in history because of all the close games they lost, but let’s remember what the late great Dom Toretto once said:

It doesn’t matter if you lose by a point or by 50, winning is winning, losing is losing. Nebraska loves losing, Iowa loves winning, even if it is ugly.

The Huskers will be without their starting QB/Arm Punter Taylor Martinez, and Frost has said he will probably play multiple QBs. I’m not having flashbacks to the Purdue game… nope, definitely not.

They will also be using their fourth string running back and their best defender is done for the season. Oh, and did I mention they fired their entire offensive coaching staff two weeks ago because Scott Frost decided to throw them all under the bus to save his own job (I would have done the same, tbh).

Iowa should roll in this game, and by roll, I mean win by 5-7 points because that is what this season has turned into. This is Nebraska’s Super Bowl, even though they don’t care about this game because they will totally destroy Iowa every year when they get back to being good, which will be soon, so soon. They are so close you guys. SO CLOSE. SOOO CLOSE. BETTER GET THEM WHILE THEY ARE DOWN, YOU GUYS, BECAUSE ONCE THE BIG RED EXPRESS STARTS ROLLING NOTHING WILL STOP THE…


Sorry, Nebraska got called for a false start mid-sentence. Let me try that again.


OMG they just got called for a delay of game. Never mind!

This one will be CLOSE early, but Iowa will pull away in the second half thanks to some big touchdowns that will definitely not be from our offense.

PICK: IOWA -1.5, OVER 41


#15 Wisconsin -6.5 @ Minnesota (3:00 PM CST, FOX)

Assuming Iowa takes care of Nebraska on Thursday, this is the game all Hawkeye fans will be watching. There are two reasons to watch:

  1. You want Minnesota to win so that we can play in the Big Ten Championship.
  2. You want Minnesota to lose because, well, playing in the Big Ten Championship would be cool, but also the thought of Ohio State scoring 70 points keeps you up at night.

I will be on side #1. I want to play in the Big Ten Championship game. I do not care if we lose by 100. I also kind of think Phil Parker would find a way to slow down Ohio State. I have also been told several times that I’m a crazy person so maybe I’m alone.

As for this game, well, Wisconsin is probably going to win and take home Paul Bunyan’s Axe. That is the sad truth because Minnesota is just not very good and PJ Fleck has never won a big game while at Minnesota (don’t fact check that, please).

With all that being said, we are taking the Gophers. ROW THE BOAT.

PICK: Minnesota +6.5

#4 Ohio State -8 @ #6 Michigan (11:00 AM CST, FOX)

The Game! The BIGGEST game in this series since 2006, when both teams came in at 11-0.

Ohio State is scary right now and I am not sure if anyone can stop their offense. They have the best receivers in the country and the Heisman favorite at QB…must be nice.

I have said all year Michigan was going to roll everyone on their schedule and then get blown out by Ohio State, and I may not be smart, but I am a man of my word and I will not back down from this statement.

Also, we have bet against Ohio State two weeks in a row and feel very dumb. We will no longer doubt our Buckeye overlords.

PICK: Ohio State -8, OVER 64.5

Maryland -1.5 @ Rutgers (11:00 AM CST, BTN)

The Battle for Bowl Eligibility!

We finally opened up our hearts last week and allowed ourselves to put faith in Rutgers. They repaid us by scoring 0 points. THIS IS WHY WE HAVE TRUST ISSUES.

What do we do? We will absolutely not bet on Maryland, that is for sure. As you may know, we have never had any faith in them, even when people thought they could beat Iowa (LOL).

Should we give Rutgers a second, no third, no actually, this is like the seventh time we have said we are going to give them another chance. WHY ARE WE DOING THIS. SOMEONE STOP US.

PICK: Rutgers +1.5

Indiana +15 @ Purdue (2:30 PM CST, FS1)

The battle for the Old Oaken Bucket. It is no pig, or bull, or giant axe, but it is a great trophy nonetheless.

Indiana is in the middle of a seven-game skid. They have lost all of those games by more than 15 points except for two. Purdue wins big and gets the bucket back after losing in 2019. David Bell announces he is leaving for the NFL after the game. Hawkeye fans across the country rejoice.

PICK: Purdue -15

Penn State -1.5 @ #7 Michigan State (2:30 PM CST, ABC)

We should have seen the MSU blowout coming from a mile away. Mid-season contract talks for Big Ten coaches have not gone great this year…

  • PJ Fleck signs a giant extension, loses to NW at home the next week.
  • Talks of Mel Tucker getting a 10 year/$95 million contract start, gives up 95 million passing yards in a loss the next game.
  • Scott Frost gets his money taken away for being a bad coach, loses the next game to Wisconsin due to bad coaching.

Oh, and guess what just happened as I was writing this…JAMES FRANKLIN SIGNED A 10 YEAR EXTENSION WITH PENN STATE. Folks, I cannot make this up. What a moment. I audibly gasped. This just became our first ever #BetTheHouseandTheFamilyFortune game of the century!

PICK: MSU +1.5

Northwestern +6.5 @ Illinois (2:30 PM CST, BTN)

This is a disgusting game and that means one thing: #STATGAMEOFTHEWEEK. No one should care about this game, and honestly, no one probably does. Not even the players on the field. Anyway, here are some #STATS that will surely make choosing who to bet in this miserable game easier:

Northwestern is 3-8 ATS while Illinois is 6-4-1. Northwestern is 0-4 ATS on the road this year. Illinois has gone OVER the total in nine of their last 11 games. Northwestern has gone OVER in six of their last 11. These teams have gone UNDER 43.5 in each of their last three meetings.

So, what does this mean? I don’t know, these stats are useless!

PICK: Illinois -6.5, UNDER 43.5


EGG BOWL: #12 Mississippi +1 @ #25 Mississippi State – Ole Miss +1

A Thursday night matchup between Kiffin and Leach, doesn’t get much weirder than that. Could the Lane Train be heading to Florida after this game? I hope not.

Iron Bowl: #2 Alabama -19.5 @ Auburn – Alabama -19.5

No Bo Nix for Auburn, no chance. Bama cruises.

Civil War: #3 Oregon -7 vs Oregon State – Oregon State +7

This game is always one of my favorite jersey match-ups of the season. Black and orange vs yellow and green. A beautiful disaster of color.

Bedlam: #13 Oklahoma -4 @ #9 Oklahoma State – Oklahoma State +4

Oklahoma has won six in a row in the series, but I think the OSU DEFENSE (seems weird to say that) will get the cowboys the win.

Florida -2.5 @ Florida State – OVER 59.5

Florida has no coach, but I don’t think it will matter much since they literally cannot play any worse than they have been. This seems like a game where the fourth quarter rolls around and both defenses decide to stop trying. Take the over.

#22 UTSA @ North Texas – UTSA -10.5

UTSA has failed to cover two weeks in a row. Am I worried our cash cow has lost it? Kind of, but I will not give up yet.


UMass +6.5 @ New Mexico State – OVER 58.5

Two 1-10 teams square off in what will surely be the worst game on TV this weekend, actually, I don’t even know if it is on TV. I doubt it!

That’s it for the final week of the regular season! Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy the football, it’s almost over…

Overall: 96-79-2
ATS: 75-54-1
OU: 21-25-1