ICPD: Man tried to gouge other man’s eye out during bar fight


Iowa City Police say a man tried to gouge another man’s eye out during a bar fight late Saturday night.

Officers were called to a fight at Grizzly’s on Highland Court just after 11:30pm. The alleged victim told investigators that 26-year-old David Hemm and another man had been fighting in the parking lot over Hemm not giving the man a ride back to The Quarters on Highway 6 East, despite agreeing to do so earlier. Hemm, who lives at The Quarters, allegedly tried to push the man out of the car.

Police say Hemm poked the man in the eye and told him he was going to gouge his eye out. When officers arrived, the man could barely open his eye and had what was described as “significant redness”.

Hemm was arrested for Assault Causing Bodily Injury. As he was being placed into custody, Hemm allegedly claimed he would assault the victim in a “more violent manner” and give him two black eyes.

If convicted, Hemm faces a maximum of one year in jail.