Iowa City man accused of using skid loader to chase wife and daughter


An Iowa City man faces assault charges after allegedly using a skid loader to chase his wife and daughter.

Police say the incident occurred just after 6pm Thursday at the 480th Street Southeast home of 65-year-old Patrick Ruth. Officers were called to the scene on reports of a domestic disturbance. Upon arrival, the involved parties were separated.

Ruth’s daughter was questioned, and she showed authorities a video of the incident. In the video, Ruth was reportedly seen driving a skid loader at a high rate of speed, chasing his wife and daughter. The daughter also reported that her boyfriend who was also on scene had to hide behind a tree to avoid getting hit.

Ruth is also accused of trying to use the skid loader to damage the boyfriend’s car. Eventually, the man stopped the skid loader and put the key in his mouth.

Ruth was taken into custody and charged with Assault while Displaying a Dangerous Weapon, Domestic Abuse Assault with the use of a Weapon, and interference with official acts. If convicted, he faces  over four years in jail.