Drake prof: Iowa’s water quality approach is ‘magical thinking’ 20

A Drake University law professor called Iowa’s voluntary program to ease farm runoff and improve water quality “magical thinking” designed to “deny and defer any potential action” and to prevent farmers “from having to do something.” Drake law professor Neil Hamilton, former director of the Drake Agricultural Law Center, toldContinue Reading

Industry officials ‘optimistic’ lawmakers will pass biofuels standard next session 23

Industry officials are ‘optimistic’ that state lawmakers next year will approve a measure requiring retailers to sell higher blends of biofuels. A member of the Iowa Corn Promotion Board said Friday the legislation stands a better chance next session. Proposed by Gov. Kim Reynolds, the proposed state standard sparked aContinue Reading

‘It’s a tinderbox situation’: Western governors ask Biden for better wildfire prevention 25

WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden met virtually with governors from Western and Midwestern states on Friday to discuss how federal intervention can best aid states battling wildfires, amid complaints from states about federal forest management. “We’ve got big, complex wildfires burning across multiple areas,” Biden said. “We’re in for aContinue Reading