DES MOINES, Iowa — Halloween treats are not just for kids! Jasper Winery in Des Moines has an event that will teach you how to pair wine with Halloween candy.

“We are doing a special for Halloween where we are pairing four of our different wines with Halloween candy,” said Rose Gillum, the tasting room manager at Jasper Winery.

“I’ve seen some kind of DIY pairings like this before on Pinterest, so having somebody set it up for me is so much easier than me going out to the store and doing it myself,” Fairfield resident Danielle Lunsford said as she sat down for the tasting.

“Our first pairing is we have our Lucy Lane wine, which is made with concord grapes, so it’s very grape juice forward, kind of like alcoholic grape juice. And it’s paired with our Reese’s Pieces. We did that because it kind of is a play on peanut butter and jelly. They pair really nicely together,” Gillum said.

“The Reese’s is kind of like a peanut butter and jelly combo. I would have never ever thought of that,” Lunsford said.

Starbursts are paired with a sweet white wine. It’s a “very mellow white wine similar to moscato, but we paired it with the Starburst because it has that bold fruity sweetness,” Gillum said.

A bold, complex, red wine is paired with a Snickers bar, “which has some complex flavors as well. And the sweetness from it pairs nicely with the drier red wine,” Gillum said.

Jasper Winery said the pairings are an elevated way to enjoy Halloween candy guilt free.

“This is definitely a treat where I don’t feel bad about eating the candy because it’s part of the event, so I have to drink their wine and eat the candy,” Lundsford said.

The Halloween Candy and Wine event at Jasper Winery goes through Nov. 1. It is $15 a person and you must call ahead to reserve a spot.