DES MOINES, Iowa — The Republican Party of Iowa is filing a complaint against the Iowa Democratic Party just days before the Nov. 3 election. 

On Friday, the Iowa GOP filed with Iowa’s Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board. The party claims that Democrats are accepting potentially illegal donations from foreign countries. 

“Our goal here is to get answers from these candidates on whether or not they know for sure where their money is coming from, and what, if anything, these donors are expecting from them in return,” said Aaron Britt, communications director for the Republican Party of Iowa.

Britt said the Iowa GOP’s goal is to keep Iowans informed.

“Some of those contributions are unitemized, so we don’t know for sure where they may or may not be coming from,” said Britt. “Like I said, it’s raised a lot of those questions about what these donors are expecting and whether or not these candidates know for sure, and can say for sure, that they know where their own money is coming from.”

However, the Iowa Democratic Party is denying the claims. In a statement, Iowa Democratic Party Communications Director Mandy McClure wrote:

“This is a desperate, shameful attack on American citizens, especially our service members in the Armed Forces serving overseas. These contributions are from U.S. citizens living overseas, not foreign nationals. This is just another addition to a string of lies the Republican Party of Iowa has flung against the wall in the last two weeks of this election. They’ve lied about their repeated votes to gut protections for pre-existing conditions for Iowans; They’ve lied about our candidates; and now they’re lying about grassroots contributions from American citizens.”

The Iowa Democratic Party said all funds received from outside of the country have been reported to the Ethics Committee.