Waukee Students Face Discipline After Social Media Video Showed Them Bullying Student

WAUKEE, Iowa — The Waukee Community School District says it has disciplined students seen bullying another student in a video widely shared on social media.

The video was initially posted to the social media app Snapchat and then shared across Facebook. It shows a group a Waukee High School students, including multiple football players, surround and harass another student in the parking lot after school.

The Waukee Community School District says administrators were notified of the incident by students and families after it happened on Monday. The district says the students involved in the bullying face “various levels of discipline.”

The Waukee Community School District’s full statement reads:

“Waukee High School administrators were notified of a bullying incident that occurred after school yesterday and was distributed via social media last evening.

In working with the Waukee Police Department, the Waukee Community School District has given individuals involved in this inexcusable incident various levels of discipline in line with this behavior, along with other relevant school consequences related to Code of Conduct violations. Waukee Community School District does not condone this type of behavior and took swift action once notified of the situation.

We continue to be proud of those students and families that reached out to us to support the investigation and to support all of our students during this incident.”