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Iowa — Eric Idle says he and Monty Python are taking the NRCC to court over a new attack ad in Iowa, and he’s urging Iowans to support Axne in response.

The National Republican Congressional Committee released the ad this week, borrowing heavily from Monty Python’s ‘Lumberjack Song’ about a cross-dressing woodsmen. Idle took to Twitter on Friday to denounce the use of the song without permission. The 77-year-old comedic icon called the Republican Party “lawless” and asked Iowans to respond with their votes.

“The National Republican Congressional Committee has stolen the Lumberjack Song for an ad against Cindy Axne in Iowa,” Idle shared, “While we sue these low life thieving reprobates lets vote for Cindy to p*** them off. Are all Republicans now lawless? Whatever happened to America?”

The song originally appeared in ‘Monty Python’s Flying Circus’ in 1969. Sung by Michael Palin, it tells the story of a lumberjack who spends his evenings wearing “suspendies and a bra” and wishing he’d “been born a woman, just like my dear Papa.” In the NRCC ad Axne is described in song as “Angry Axne” who wants to “take your tax money.”

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