Marshalltown’s newest city clerk 1

Marshalltown’s newest city clerk


There is a new face in Marshalltown City Hall.

On July 27, the Marshalltown City Council appointed Alicia Hunter as the city’s new city clerk. She replaced Shari Coughenour, who retired at the beginning of July.

“I’m elated to have Alicia on board. Finding someone with so many years of experience in our organization was wonderful, and I feel like she will be able to start quickly with a lot of the internal knowledge related to processes and procedures we already have,” said Jessica Kinser, city administrator. “Looking at how long past individuals have been in the City Clerk position, I hope this will be a long-term career move for Alicia and the city.”


Hunter’s first day was Aug. 3. She is a lifelong resident of Marshalltown and worked at the Marshalltown Police Department as an administrative secretary for more than 16 years. She was employed there since she was 19 years old.

“I was born and raised in Marshalltown,” Hunter said. “The majority of my family’s all here.”

She is married and raising three kids in Marshalltown.

“I like the sense of community that we have here,” Hunter said. “It’s large enough, but its’ tight knit enough that you have that small town feel. It’s been my home for quite some time and I really enjoyed my time there.”

She looks at the city clerk position as the next step for her career path.

“The city clerk position has always been something I’ve been interested in,” Hunter said. “It’s a good fit for advancement.”

She first decided to get into administrative work when she was at Marshalltown High School and got an internship at Fisher Controls.

“I’ve just really enjoyed being in an office setting,” Hunter said. “I knew that was something I wanted to get into.”

After high school she got her associates at Marshalltown Community College.

As she finished her degree MPD was advertising for an administrative secretary.

“I threw my name in and I was hired,” Hunter said.

As Marshalltown’s new city clerk she looks forward to serving the public.

“I think that’s important to be available to serve our community,” Hunter said. “I’m looking forward to getting to know the council better and the mayor and serving the needs of city government.”


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