Sweet Corn Season Arrives in Central Iowa Just Ahead of Fourth of July 1

GRIMES, Iowa – There were worries that Iowa sweet corn wouldn’t be ready in time for the Fourth of July, but some local growers are coming in clutch.

Michelle Christenson with Grimes Sweet Corn said the season started off great, but a cold snap had them a little anxious.

“I thought it had a good chance just because he was able to get planted so early this year, we had the kind of spring that cooperated — dry. You know the rains were really scattered in, you know apart so people could get in the field, early this year. The first plantings were done very early and I thought ‘oh fourth of July is a lock.’ So, then the May cold came end of April and we were covering up seedlings for vegetable plants around Mother’s Day, I mean literally having to cover ‘em up to prevent from the freeze getting them. So, this is a little too much to cover up. So we just had to kind of hope and pray that this survived being nipped,” said Christenson.

Grimes Sweet Corn officially opened up its stands Thursday. They have over 10 stands across the metro and sell other fresh produce they grow as well. The stands opened up at 10:00 a.m.

“We did not raise our prices from last year, some of our expenses, unfortunately, did go up some didn’t, but you know everybody’s been a little bit … with COVID and some of the things that changed people’s economics you know some people are shorter on money, or they had job interruptions or losses. Nobody’s really super long on funds, it seems like, so it was just going to be hard for us to justify price increases in any way,” said Christenson.

Deardorf Sweet Corn in Adel is also available at many street vendors starting Thursday and will be available in Des Moines on Monday.

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