Iowa’s DOT Extending Deadlines and Changing to Appointment Only Operations 1

ANKENY, Iowa– To limit the foot traffic in its facilities Iowa’s DOT is operating by appointments only. Which means the days of spending hours at the DMV, could be over. 

“Customers are loving it. Our staff loves it because they are able to be more consultative with our customers and spend that extra time that I was able to help them understand their transportation options,” Director of Driver and Identification Services, Darcy Doty said. 

Those whose driver’s license expired January 16th or after, have until July 25th to renew it without penalty. The Iowa DOT is also offering a six month grace period for expired driver’s licenses for those who apply. 

Doty said they are also highly encouraging people to check if they can renew their license online and with their county’s treasurer’s office about renewals and car registration. 

For those who make an appointment to come in, the Department of Transportation in Ankeny will look a bit different.

All customers have to go through a screening process before entering the building and the waiting area consists of roped seats, to make sure there are at least six feet between each individual. 

One Iowan, Jamie Costa, who came in for a driver’s license renewal said though it took him a month to get an appointment, he was in and out in a matter of 40 minutes. Costa said this was the shortest amount of time he’s ever spent at the DMV.

“I had an appointment at 9, they got me a little bit ahead of schedule, the process was easy, informative, and everything was taken care of,” Costa said. “With all the documentation it just went smooth.” 

Iowa’s Department of Transportation said this actually the most positive response they’ve gotten from customers regarding their service. 

“We’ve done a lot of data analysis determining wait times and the appointment system. And the appointment system is here to stay,” Doty said. “We’re getting rave reviews about it and we cannot wait for this next chapter for the Iowa Department of Transportation.” 

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