Metro Malls Open With New Restrictions 1

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — Malls across the Des Moines metro reopened Friday under new orders from the governor.

It was a slow reopen inside Jordan Creek Mall, as only a few stores are actually open to the public. The rest will begin reopening next week. But in order for the mall to maintain 50% of their normal capacity, the general manager said they have several measures in place.

“We have very good security teams. We’re fully staffed with security. We have our CCTV cameras, so we kind of know who is coming in and coming out. We’re tracking all of our traffic numbers, so we’re keeping our eye on it and we’ll adjust it if we need to,” Jordan Creek Town Center Senior General Manager Randy Tennison said.

By using technology, they are able to track the number of people coming into the mall.

They have also set up signage reminding people to maintain six feet of social distancing as well as security walking around carrying bags of masks.

Some stores, like Pandora, will not let you enter unless you are wearing a mask. If you don’t have one, find one of the security guards in yellow and they will give you one for free.

The mall also has hand sanitizer at the door and say they are constantly wiping down and cleaning high-touch areas such as doors, elevators and escalators.

Some customers at the mall were excited about being able to get out of the house.

“With the quarantine and everything there has been not a lot of options to get out of the house. This is nice, coming out to the mall, get a little social hangout with the friends. It’s good,” Des Moines resident Corey Summers said.

For stores that are not yet open, they may be doing curbside pickup. Go on their website to make a purchase and you can pick it up at one of the two curbside pickup locations on either the north or south sides of the mall.

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