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Focused Iowa Caucus Recount Begins This Week

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Focused Iowa Caucus Recount Begins This Week 2

DES MOINES, Iowa — Tuesday, the Iowa Democratic Party will begin recounting select results from the Iowa Caucus.

The party
has agreed to re-tally results from twenty-three different precincts. Fourteen of
those precincts were requested by Pete Buttigieg’s campaign and another 10 were
requested from Bernie Sanders’ campaign.

will conduct the recount and it will be overseen by the IDP’s recanvass and
recount committee, with both campaigns able to have representatives present. It
is expected to take two days to complete.

Once the
results were finally in from all precincts, days after the Iowa Caucuses, only
one-tenth of a percent separated Buttigieg and Sanders, with Buttigieg ahead in
the count.

The campaigns are
responsible for paying for the recounts.

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