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One Iowa Reacts to ‘Anti-LGBTQ’ Legislation Introduced 1
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DES MOINES, Iowa — Pieces of legislation introduced at the statehouse last week are drawing outrage from LGBTQ advocacy groups like One Iowa.

“Our state, who has been a leader in equality now, has a group of people working to strip people of their civil rights,” said Keenan Crow, the group’s director of policy.

New legislation includes:

  • House File 2274 — would create a study committee to evaluate the inclusion of transgender Iowans in the Iowa Civil Rights Act.
  • House File 2272 — would ban physicians and mental health professionals from providing medically necessary care to transgender youth.
  • House File 2201 — would create barriers for teaching topics related to gender identity in classrooms.

Already, House companion legislation to SF2193, which would undermine civil rights protections for LGBTQ Iowans, was shot down. Crow said he questions how far these bills will go, but nonetheless said it is a step backwards for Iowa.

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“I am worried that one or two will slip through the cracks and actually have a shot at being passed,” he said. “I won’t say this is indicative of the entire legislature. It’s a small group of very loud people who are trying to push these policies.”

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