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Family Caught in Drive-By Shooting Friday Speaks Out, Activist Calling for Action

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Family Caught in Drive-By Shooting Friday Speaks Out, Activist Calling for Action 2

DES MOINES, Iowa — A woman was hit in the leg, but there could have been even more people hurt during a drive-by shooting in Des Moines last Friday.

Daishawn Gills is accused of opening fire near the intersection of Evergreen Avenue and Southeast 22nd Street.

Kurt Moore, his wife and nearly three-month-old baby were driving home from lunch Friday afternoon when their vehicle was hit by gunfire.

“Just came to that intersection and we thought we heard fireworks. You know it was right around when school was getting out I think it was about 3or 3:15,” Moore said.

Moore said the bullet was very close to hitting his wife.

“The bullet actually pierced the right upper side of my rear window and it finished in the passenger visor so you’re talking three or four inches above my wife’s head and that’s kind of when it got really scary,” Moore said.

Moore said he’s glad he was able to help police by providing vehicle descriptions and a license plate number that eventually lead them to Gills. Police believe Gills had a hand in the most recent triple homicide.

The Moore family walked away from the drive-by shooting without a scratch but now they’re trying to cope with the situation mentally.

“My wife is really traumatized by this. We have big concerns of even driving my same vehicle around just because it was at the scene of the crime,” Moore said.

Police said Gills was targeting others in the area following Thursday’s triple homicide.

Gills and Emmanuel Tutoyae are charged with three counts of first-degree murder in connection with that shooting.

Moore is not the only one who wants the violence to stop, Will keeps said he knew one of the other suspects police believe was involved and feels like he can’t get his nonprofit going fast enough to get kids off the streets.

“I feel like I failed him I feel like I failed the kids who are dying. It’s like I’m trying to put a rush on things and I know that we have to do things slowly because we want to make sure everything that we do is done right so we won’t just be here for a month or two,” Keeps said.

Through “Starts Right Here” Keeps is trying to inspire kids through music or whatever else they are interested to deter them from street life.

He said it’s working but the whole community needs to come together.

“When I was growing up the hope was in my heart. Today these kids have to see hope it has to be right in front of their faces. So we are trying to build something and create something where they see hope, where they believe in something,” Keeps said.

Keeps said they are working on a building for the nonprofit and programming to provide to the community, but he needs more donations to make it happen. You can donate to the movement here.

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