DES MOINES, Iowa — Olympic gold medalist Michelle Kwan is skating along the campaign trail in support of presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Kwan stopped at Brenton Skating Plaza on Saturday to encourage voters to take action as we get closer to the Iowa caucuses.

In the 51 days until the caucuses, the two-time Olympic gold medalist and five-time figure skating world champion will be traveling across the country campaigning for Biden.

“I support Joe Biden. I’m proud to be on team Biden because I think bottom line, he has the best shot beating our current president, Donald Trump,” Kwan said.

Saturday Kwan surprised a sea of small skaters at Brenton Skating Plaza.

“That was really exciting. Our kids are here from Colorado, so we were looking for things to do, came down here so she could learn to skate and there she was! It was total excitement,” Urbandale resident Jackie Howard said.

Some people were also shocked that she was endorsing a candidate.

“It did surprise me. It’s great, but it surprised me that she was here,” Howard said.

Kwan is no stranger to political work after she retired from figure skating.

“I ended up going back to school and focused on political science and international relations, went to grad school, then worked at the state department, so really behind the scenes,” Kwan said.

She also campaigned for Hillary Clinton in 2016 and said Iowa has the most politically-educated voters in the country.

“In Iowa you see a lot of candidates come here to campaign, whether it’s immigration, whether it’s education, whether it’s LGBT rights, women’s rights, there are so many issues and it affects all of us,” Kwan said.

That is why Kwan encourages Iowans to use their voices and fight for what they believe in.

“Not doing anything is not OK. Sitting on the sidelines can be really damaging to our election,” Kwan said.

Kwan also had a canvass kickoff event in West Des Moines and an AAPI House Party in Johnston Saturday.

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