Storm water Improvement Project Begins in Beaverdale Neighborhood 1

BEAVERDALE, Iowa – A $13 million storm water improvement project begins in the Beaverdale neighborhood.

$6 million of the project will increase conveyance capacity and underground storm water detention for residents in the 47th and Holcomb Avenue area. While $7 million will replace the Maquoketa Drive storm sewer box.

Des Moines Public Works Director Jonathan Gano said, “We’re installing an underground convenient system to hold the water while it collects up to give it a safe place to pool while the storm sewer is draining that neighborhood.”

This is one of the many areas that was affected by the flash flooding back in 2018.

Beaverdale Resident Jenni Klise said she lost everything in her basement and is happy to see the city take action.

“I think it’s fantastic. It is much appreciated. It’s super exciting to see all of this large equipment out there,” Klise said.

Gano said once complete the project will span across 31 acres of land.

“It’s kind of a crucified shape layout to follow the street grid, because the intersection is the lowest point of that 31-acre bowl. So, it’s a 12 foot wide  four foot tall box chamber that is running for 100s of feet beneath the street in each direction,” Gano said.

Gano said the city is accommodating residents to make sure they still get their mail, garbage service and vehicle access.

“They’re communicating very well with us. What I’ve seen so far is that when they have to dig up an area they gravel it back in, put dirt back over it so that we are able to get around at night,” Klise said.

This is just one of many plans that is part of the city’s overall plan to improve storm water management across Des Moines.

It is estimated to take a year to complete.

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