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ELDORA, Iowa — Last week it was announced that Iowa’s Ride, the new cross-state bike ride, will be stopping in Eldora as an overnight stop in July.

This week local organizers are already beginning to plan for this event. A few years back the community hosted an overnight stop for RAGBRAI.

The new Iowa’s Ride was launched by former members of the RAGBRAI staff.

“They’re going to be coming here. They’re going to spend their money,” said Angela De La Riva, economic development director for Hardin County. “They’re going to be staying. They’re going to utilize all of our resources.”

Local shops are also excited to have the new ride stopping in town.

“I am very excited. I’m pumped up for Eldora. We need something to go on here that brings people to Pine Lake and for them to get to know our town,” said flower shop owner Shelley Preston.

The town of Eldora is excited for people to discover what they have not only in town, but in the Iowa River Greenbelt, where the Iowa river flows from Iowa Falls, down through the town of Eldora.

The local county conservation board and the Eldora Chamber noticed something on Facebook. The Hardin County Greenbelt was popular with drone operators on Facebook.

“The drone footage we were seeing shared on Facebook, we wanted use it to our benefit to promote the area to promote conservation, things to do, places to go and see within the area of the greenbelt,” said Brady Winter, Eldora Chamber of Commerce president. “There is prize money, $2500 Grand Prize winner for the overall best footage, then a thousand dollar winner per each of the five categories.”

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