OGDEN, Iowa — After a night of devastation, what remains of the Ogden Mart is unrecognizable.

Firefighters battled flames through the night, and they were still putting water on various hot spots in the rubble on Sunday.

Residents at the scene expressed concerns over losing the store, as it is the only major grocery in town. The next closest full-service store is miles away in Boone.

“In the winter time, that’s going to be difficult when the roads get worse. It was so convenient. You just pop right in and get whatever you needed,” said resident Denise Birney.

This is not the first time a fire like this has devastated Ogden. According to Ogden Fire Chief Rick Sturtz, three other buildings on the same block have also burned down in the past. But Sturtz said the fire at the Ogden Mart is the worst he has seen.

“I’m just glad that we went through this whole mess with nobody injured and everybody went home. That’s a good thing,” said Sturtz.

The cause of the fire is still unknown. There is speculation that it started in the kitchen, but since the whole building has collapsed, that is not something that can be confirmed at this time.

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