Junk Jaunt Brings People to Southern Iowa

CENTERVILLE, Iowa — You can be inspired on how to use old things in a new way this weekend. The Southern Iowa Junk Jaunt is Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Walk inside a brick building on Haynes Avenue in Centerville, and you’ll find a treasure trove of antiques. “The fun part is to decorate it all,” said owner Brooke Johnson.

From candlesticks to picture frames, books, suitcases, and furniture, Johnson is making what’s old new again. “I try to inspire people to use some of this old stuff in a new way.”

She opened the Junk Parlor in Centerville a few years ago. She started off selling her finds on the side before leaving her full time job. “I taught high school family consumer sciences in Kansas City and then here in Centerville,” said Johnson.

In addition to her physical store, Johnson has a following online. She sells items on social media by posting to Instagram and on Facebook Live. “I do a Facebook Live on Sundays at 6 where I will sell nine items, I hold them up. I talk to you about them, give you some ideas on how you could put it in your home.”

The Junk Parlor is an occasional shop, which means it is only open four days a month. “So you find the second Saturday on the calendar, and then I’m open Thursday through Sunday that weekend,” she said.

That falls on June 6, 7, 8, and 9. It coincides with the Southern Iowa Junk Jaunt, which is Friday, Saturday, and Sunday that weekend.

“It’s really exposed people to the area, and then they come back other times than just during the Junk Jaunt,” said Johnson.

About 30 businesses will take part in the Southern Iowa Junk Jaunt, which includes surrounding communities and the Centerville town square. “With our square here, It’s a shopping destination,” said Natalie Close, Executive Director of the Centerville/Rathbun Lake Area Chamber of Commerce.

“The Junk Jaunt brings a lot of people here every year,” Close added.

The Southern Iowa Junk Jaunt is Friday, June 7 and Saturday, June 8 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. It is Sunday, June 9 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. It will take place again in the fall.

Visitors to Centerville will also find a wine festival and vendor fair Saturday, June 8. “This year we’re also having a beer tent, craft beer tasting,” said Close.

The Junk Parlor is also open Thursday, June 6. Johnson says before you go, measure your space so you know what pieces will fit. Also, have a plan of items you need for rooms you’re redoing or refreshing.

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